December 19, 2012


I want to share with you the story behind the blog's title.

As children my sister and I would sit in the tall grass under our neighbor's apricot tree, fragrant with blooms. Their yard was in stark contrast with the surrounding prim lawns meticulously kept by the rest of the subdivision, with grass way too long and flowers planted in wild abandon. But it was here that we loved to play. The neighbor never minded our being there, they let us pick the bright red tulips when they came bursting forth and when the apricots were ready we would sit under the tree and enjoy the sweet fruits.
Our neighbor moved after a few short years but the memory they impressed upon me has lasted a lifetime.

So it is my hope that  you will come here while I share the joy of art and artists, the creative mind, the curious, the crafty and occasionally a red tulip or two.

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