January 29, 2013

Orange you glad...
Sorry bad pun but I just finished my second challenge in the JustCraftyEnough Iron Craft Challenge!
Our theme this time was Orange.
There are some very nice entries so far and I am sure there will be plenty more posted over the next several days.Once again I put myself on a time limit tho this one did take longer than an hour.
Seeing as how the weather has been rather nasty here I wanted to make something cheery that could tag along with me!
So I made this little Orange Flower Pin!

January 22, 2013

Free Valentine Digi Stamp

I really liked the little girl I created for the 1st Iron Craft and wanted to use it to make a Vaentine card.

I decided to make her a digi stamp, something I could work with quickly and also share with you.

It's funny because even tho I have been doing art and crafts for over 40 years I don't have a lot of those cool supplies and tools that comes with the Stamping Craft. I purposely avoided it in fact! I felt there was so much out there I would get overloaded with materials and feel overwhelmed!

I did recently buy a Silhouette Cameo though because I do love cut paper crafts and this tool would allow me to cut out my own designs!
 Get your Digi Stamp!

January 16, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge #1

I joined a craft challenge being hosted by
 Just Crafty Enough titled Iron Craft Challenge.

Our first challenge was to create something using cotton. It can be anything as long as the majority of it is focused on cotton. It is so wide open it left me pondering which way I want to go with it. I did limit myself to one hour so that I wouldn't get carried away, O because none of us ever do that!

I finally decided to work on this idea, its a bit rough but its a start!